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Success through Brand Revamp and Online Transformation

Updated: May 21


Lucca Trattoria, a renowned Italian restaurant, made a significant move in 2023 by relocating to the vibrant Tiong Bahru precinct. Alongside this expansion, the restaurant took the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive brand revamp and overhaul of its online presence.

The Challenge:

With the relocation to a new precinct, Flame was tasked to support the restaurant in updating its online presence to attract both loyal patrons and new customers to the new venue. The task was twofold - to create a fresh and alluring brand identity while leveraging the digital landscape to amplify its reach and engage with a wider audience.


Flame’s team of marketing experts and digital strategists crafted an approach that involved a careful analysis of the restaurant's core values, target audience, competitors and its brand positioning.

The brand update commenced with an in-depth understanding of Lucca Trattoria's legacy and its cherished place in the hearts of diners. The team preserved certain elements for its new look, such as the essence of authentic Italian flavors and the restaurant's warm and inviting ambiance. At the same time, they injected a fresh energy into the brand by incorporating modern design elements.

The new site emphasised the passion for creating authentic Italian Lucca cuisine, the importance of family, and the sharing of memorable moments over delicious meals. This narrative was woven into its digital presence including photos and menus, with enhanced user experience that highlights the restaurant’s rich offerings.

Result Patrons praised the restaurant's delightful online experience and its efficient reservation booking, contributing to a surge in positive reviews and bookings. Lucca Trattoria’s new website preserved its core values while embracing innovation to captivate the hearts and palates of diners.

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