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Mentorship Seminar Series in Singapore

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The “Self-Care, Reinvention and Rejuvenation for Leadership Seminar” is inspired by the urgent need for leaders, managers and people in general to remain centered and grounded, for a healthy work-life balance and to avoid burnout.  


The seminar is for individuals who seek to be good, effective, productive, inspiring and compassionate leaders, managers and people who want to be grounded in creating an uplifting and/or a conducive environment for themselves and others, which is so important for emotional and mental well-being. The leadership seminar is in turn inspired by the book “Soul, Mind and Body – Decoded”. The intuitive guide to well-being, health and wealth.   


Regardless of your educational background, status, professional role or station in life, and whether or not you work from an office, from home, or simply focus only on managing yourself and your home, we are each called to lead ourselves and others.

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Lawyer, author and speaker, acknowledged by Legal 500 South East Asia's GC Powerlist 2019. He actively speaks to audiences on topics including intuition, business, intellectual property and media.

Event Details

🗓️ Date: 12th April 2024

🕒 Time: 9am - 6pm

📍 Location: Lifelong Learning Institute

What you will learn at the seminar?

Attendees would have every opportunity to learn and experience what they can or should do to achieve the following:


  • Find out what inspires you and to use this to inspire and motivate yourself,

  • Find out what may inspire others, and to use this to inspire and motivate others,

  • Learn what you can do to be more effective, productive and inspiring,

  • Learn what you can do to remain ‘centered’ and grounded,

  • Find opportunities in your schedule for rest, reflection and meditation,

  • Learn to make time for rest, reflection and meditation,

  • Learn to prioritize: by attending to what matters most to you,

  • Learn to reflect on what your vision and mission is,

  • Learn to identify who may be able to support, advise or assist you,

  • Learn to approach the right people for support, advice or assistance,

  • Learn to work on your objectives and/or goals, and

  • Learn to explore your opportunities for wealth preservation or creation.  

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Key Points for Attendees to Consider

Significance of Self-Care


An intelligent and effective self-care regime, punctuated with priorities, regular breaks, setting boundaries and a healthy work-life balance, can help you to take charge of your life and avoid ‘burnout’.


Impact of Self-Care


An effective self-care regime can help you, regulate your energy level, foster resilience, enhance your ability to handle the stresses of life and work. You would also be more mindful, compassionate, happier and positive, making you more available to yourself and others.


You are a Leader


Promote self-leadership by defining your leadership vision and mission. This involves identifying your values, goals, and the type of leader you aspire to be. Find ways in which your personal goals and values align with your vision and mission.


You may nurture yourself as a leader who actively seeks opportunities to celebrate individual achievements, whether through recognition, rewards, or simply by expressing gratitude. You may create a positive and uplifting environment that encourages individuals to be the best version of themselves and take pride in their contributions.

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Soul, Mind and Body – Decoded

19th April 2024 | 9am-6pm

Lifelong Learning Institute

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The Universe is a symphony of harmony, balance, and sustainability, and within its cosmic rhythms, our intuition becomes a guiding light, illuminating the answers and solutions we seek. Albert Einstein, the eminent scientist, revered his own intuition as the most precious asset, and though more than 67 years have passed since his time, the essence of intuition continues to shape our decisions and lives.

As you embark on this literary voyage, you take a significant stride towards unlocking the potential within you. Immerse your mind, body, and soul in the pages of this book, and trust that it will lead you on an extraordinary journey of intuition and inspiration.

Embrace the transformative path of intuitive and empowered living, allowing this book to serve as your guiding compass towards a brighter, more successful future. Don't hesitate—order your copy now and begin your remarkable journey today."

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