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Bridging Cultures and Engaging a Diverse Audience in Joyous Celebrations with visuals

Updated: May 21

Every year, as Chinese New Year approaches, the streets of Chinatown Singapore come alive with the hustle and bustle of families preparing for the joyous occasion.

At the heart of this year's celebrations, we created for Chinatown Business Association a series of festive outdoor posters and cut-outs, all themed around the Year of the Rabbit. Our creative team designed these popular visuals that beautifully encapsulated the spirit of the Chinese New Year and drew both locals and tourists alike to partake in the festivities.

We also extended our efforts to the digital realm where the same theme is visible on ChinatownSG’s social media posts. The goal is to raise awareness of the diverse and vibrant programming put forth by the team, and to connect with a broader audience, inviting them to be a part of the festivities and share in the cultural richness of Chinatown.

Check out our creatives below:

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