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Enercon Asia launches campaign to meet growing sustainable energy demand in the Philippines 

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How Flame Comms enables an Energy Tech Company to establish media presence in a

new market


Enercon Asia Pte Ltd was established in 1994, formerly known as Enercon Systems International LLC. Enercon Asia is recognised as a market leader in providing sustainable energy solutions and also specialises in supplying power control systems to companies in the Asian Continent. With more than 3000 power and energy projects to date, Enercon Asia is committed to optimising energy usage of its clients through its comprehensive energy auditing, analytics and power control systems.

Project summary

Energy sustainability is a prominent challenge in Philippines, and there is a mounting market demand for efficient energy solutions - this trend is recognised by the current administration, which has implemented Government programs such as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act “RA-11285”, and the National Renewable Energy Program, to curb greenhouse gas emissions and increase renewable energy usage nationally.

Enercon Asia’s aim is to fulfil this demand through its services and products, and a sizable investment of capital into the Philippines. This investment would include the construction of Renewable Energy facilities, namely Solar Power installations, as well as the building and management of Data Centres.

In engaging Flame Communications, Enercon Asia was able to conduct a multifaceted PR campaign, presenting a positive image to prospective partners and investors. This involves strategic planning and developing the right narrative for the value that Enercon can bring to the industry and potential clients.

As part of the campaign, Flame organised a press event at the Discovery Suites, Manila, which included media attendees from 15 different mainstream media outlets, including BusinessWorld and The Philippine Star. This event allowed the  key leadership within Enercon Asia to introduce themselves and their future strategy in the Philippines, as well as their expertise from their other ongoing projects.

The team also set up an nationally televised interview with Filipino news network, ABS-CBN. The interview gave Enercon’s Executive Chairman, Dr Azhar Othman, a platform to express Enercon’s mission and upcoming developments in the country. 

Overall, this campaign was a success - this PR event generated a total of 62 media coverages, collectively accumulating a potential news reach of 62.2 million, and achieving a total PR value of over SGD$1,500,000.

Flame Communications’s expertise enabled Enercon Asia to garner sizable media attention within the Philippines, creating a crucial stepping stone through which Enercon Asia can branch off to launch more fruitful projects. Supported by the flourishing outcomes of this campaign, Enercon Asia remains committed to its work in the Philippines, as well as to other markets in Asia.

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