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  • Rusyda Razani


Updated: Jun 18

PR Awards; Gold and Bronze awards for Flame Communications

Last Friday on the 13th of May, Flame Communications celebrated at the Shangri-La Island Ballroom after winning three awards for outstanding PR campaigns.

During the PR Awards, our team was nominated amongst other agencies for the “Best investor relations campaign” and “Best PR campaign Lifestyle and travel”.

Winning both a gold and bronze award for the previously mentioned categories, the evening was filled with entertainment and a big time celebration for everyone that has contributed to the impact of PR across different industries throughout 2022.

We are extremely proud to say that these awards not only recognize the very best in the industry across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the ANZ regions, but also represents the amount of effort we put into every single one of our projects and the amazing outcomes that our clients receive because of this. This recognition will continue to inspire us in our journey to help small and medium businesses thrive in their industries and we hope to achieve more in the years to come.

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