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Trojan Hospitality Seizes Opportunity Amidst Covid Pandemic to Launch Alcohol-Free Disinfectant(HK)

Updated: May 21

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Trojan Hospitality, a Singapore-based company, identified an opportunity to launch a new range of disinfectant products, SANO-D, in the Hong Kong market. SANO-D offered an alcohol-free alternative to traditional alcohol-based disinfectants, with long-term effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Hong Kong was chosen as an ideal market for its first global expansion due to its similarities to the Singaporean market, such as its high population density, urban population, and consumer spending power. The heightened demand for disinfectants caused by the Covid-19 crisis, as well as Hong Kong consumers’ comfort with purchasing disinfectant products online, also presented a great opportunity for Trojan Hospitality to take advantage of.

To ensure the successful launch of SANO-D, Trojan Hospitality enlisted the help of Flame Communications to provide strategic marketing and influencer outreach consultancy. The Flame consultancy team proposed targeting families and health-conscious consumers, emphasizing the brand’s unique formula, long-term effectiveness, and environment-friendly products through a go-to-market plan.

SANO-D products including wet wipes and hand sanitizers are differentiated with its Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and Nano Silver Ions formula. This formula offers an alcohol-free alternative to traditional alcohol-based disinfectants, with long-term effectiveness that inhibits recontamination for up to 18 hours.

The launch of SANO-D in Hong Kong was a resounding success, with the brand being

positioned as a trusted alcohol-free disinfectant provider. Reviews from over 40 lifestyle, parenting, and health media and influencers on social media, online and print media showed that they liked the product's packaging and efficacy. The team achieved their goal of achieving a high media value of over $500,000 and increasing brand awareness, as well as positioning SANO-D as a family-friendly and safe product.


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