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Ageing Asia Pte is Asia Pacific's first Industry alliance on the business of ageing, they employed Flame’s crafted PR solutions to draw in a larger audience. Learn how our team creates bespoke strategies that match our clients’ specific parameters.

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Give your brand a broader audience by connecting with customers, investors, and partners.

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Agency in Singapore

We specialize in shaping the perception of businesses and organizations through strategic PR efforts.

Our proficiency lies in cultivating trust, credibility, and positive connections with a diverse range of stakeholders, including customers, media, bloggers, influencers, and investors. Through our customized PR solutions, we empower businesses to distinguish themselves and convey their narratives with lasting impact. By facilitating businesses in securing positive media coverage, we position them prominently in the public eye, enabling them to reach a wider audience.

Our services are designed to enhance your business' brand visibility and recognition. Reach out to us today and explore how your business can leverage the influential realm of PR to elevate its presence and attain strategic goals.

Expand your reach and attract a broader
customer base by leveraging our
PR & Marketing services

We specialize in crafting innovative and result-driven campaigns that transcend traditional boundaries. Whether it's through PR services, content production, or content marketing, we tailor our approach to suit your unique goals. By choosing our services, you're not just expanding your reach; you're propelling your brand into the forefront of the digital landscape, where growth knows no limits.



We can assist you in elevating awareness, strengthening credibility, and cultivating a favorable brand image through a well-planned strategy for brand promotion and PR outreach. Our extensive network of local and regional media contacts and connections supports this endeavor.

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To deliver captivating narratives, our content production team creates content through video and film production, animation, graphic design, and copywriting, catering to a diverse range of social media formats - Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, RED, Youtube, LinkedIn.



Leverage the power of social media channels to connect with vast audiences. Utilize our Flame tech platform to engage with our meticulously selected influencers and digital content creators, effectively amplifying your messages to specific target audiences

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We provide guidance and tailored strategies to optimize your marketing campaign to achieve sustainable growth and success.  Leverage digital marketing to raise brand awareness and increase engagement.

We are certified practising management
consultants (PMC)s by SBACC showcasing our expertise as a PR & Marketing Agency

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Why do other businesses choose to
engage us as their PR agency?

Businesses consistently choose us as their PR agency for our proven track record of delivering impactful results. Our strategic approach, industry expertise, and commitment to personalized, results-driven solutions set us apart. With a team of seasoned professionals, we navigate the complexities of diverse sectors, ensuring that our clients' PR strategies align seamlessly with their specific industry dynamics in Singapore, as well as other foreign markets. Our adaptability, comprehensive service portfolio, and focus on building lasting relationships further contribute to our reputation as a trusted PR partner.

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We have garnered prestigious awards for our excellence in the

PR and Marketing landscape in Singapore